Charlotte Kropholler (1988) is an Amsterdam born and raised photographer. Before she pursued her education at the PhotoAcademy in Amsterdam, she got her Bachelors degree in art history at the University of Amsterdam. 

Portrait photography is her main focus. She dresses her subjects in clothes that are not theirs and takes them out of their own context. There she finds the balance between vulnerability and intimacy. 

Her most recent exhibition, was a collaboration in a project about alter egos called 'Ulterior Motif'. Her photos were exhibited and sold on the 9th of november in Vancouver. 

Currently she is working from Burkina Faso, West-Africa. 

For more information or inquiries, contact info (at) charlottekropholler (dot) com or whatsapp +31634199296


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Volkskrant Magazine
LA Raeven
Wit Film
John Altman Rainbow Popcorn
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