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book: times new romance

€55.00 EUR

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Times New Romance: the out-ravelling of the curtains of my heart. 

70 pages. photos, poems, stories. 20 x 25 cm.

This is the first print of an edition of 50 copies. They are all signed, numbered and come with an 15 x 22 cm numbered art-print. And a little love note if you are lucky.

If you would like to change the size or mounting of your print, check the options below. Prices include the book. 

option 1:     15 x 22 cm numbered art-print (no mounting) - 55 euros

option 2:     15 x 22 cm mounted on aluminium numbered - 85 euros

option 3:     20 x 30 cm mounted on aluminium comes in edition of 10 - 245 euros

option 4:     45 x 30 cm mounted on aluminum comes in edition of 7 - 325 euros

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