one day became tomorrow

Life is miraculous. Today I am flying to a destination that is practically unknown. I know the name but it’s a country I’ve never been to, a culture I’ve never experienced and a language I do not completely understand. Wednesday morning I had no clue that in the evening my life would literally change. I had absolutely no clue that three days later I would be on the plane for a five week adventure. The only thing I knew wednesday morning is that I had asked for a miracle and that it would come when the timing would be right. When I left in march 2016 my plan was to be travelling for two years straight at least. But life called me back in december. My rentalapartment suddenly was in a very bad state, and my friends who were living there had to leave and when I came back two weeks later, the landlord kind of destroyed it so there was no possibility of returning.. It was not that I wanted to return at that moment, or that I thought I needed a house in Amsterdam, because I had learned in the previous nine months, the whole world was my house. I had learned that the mind not always agreed with that but that my heart was always guiding me to the right place at the right time, where I would be challenged or comforted to adjust myself to the situation and to feel at home, always. Not because of the places I found myself in or the people I had met. It was because I had to be at home with my mind, my heart, my body and my shadow.

So when I had to come back and had to wait untill everything was solved, I asked the universe to show me the way, to guide me, to help me to see my true purpose. The only thing I could do was to trust that everything would work out perfectly for me. And again to get comfortable with ‘the unknown’…. Because we never know what is going to happen. Not when we are travelling and not even on a regular wednesday evening in your place of birth.

This morning I cried while waving at my mom while my train was driving away. I was crying because I am afraid of suffering. Because this is no easy peasy North-America where I am going now. 
I don’t know much at this moment except that this is going to be a real adventure and everything worked out in my favor to make this possible in only two days. If I had said no to this opportunity, it would have only been because I was afraid. So I said yes because I did not want to let fear rule the excitement and curiousity of my heart.

Lots of love, Charlotte

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