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'capturing your magnificent beauty'

€375.00 EUR

This shoot is especially for women. We, women are beautiful creatures, but we do not always realise this. For many of us it is hard to totally accept our body. This usually influences our lives in a way we do not want. 

With a 'capture your magnificent beauty shoot' we depict you as the feminine gorgeous creature you are. With this photoshoot you celebrate the existence of your beautiful body and soul. This shoot will give you a different idea about yourself, your body and will be delightful experience. The pictures will be a good reminder of how beautiful and feminine you are. 

If you have more questions feel free to send me a message or call me.  

- We shoot at your home or at a place where you can be totally relaxed. Together we will take a look at your clothes and we dress you. We take pictures with different outfits and different backgrounds. If you would like to have a hairdresser and a make-up artist, that is also possible for an additional price.  

- It is also possible to take nude pictures if you wish.

- According to your preferences and my opinion about the light and the area we are in, I shoot with or without flash. (The very bright photos are with flash, the more soft ones are with natural light).

- After the shoot we take a look at the pictures and you choose the pictures you like most. 

- This photoshoot can also be a great gift for a women you know and love. 

- This will take approximately three/four hours all together. The price includes 5 digital photo in large format. Extra photos cost 35 each. After 5 extra photos the price is 20 euro each. 

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