First three photos:

Photographer/Art Director/everything else: Charlotte Kropholler

Model: Dawn

Last three photos:

Left and right:

Photography & Art Direction: Charlotte Kropholler

Production, Styling and Model: Crystal Carson

Hair: Yuliya Boichenko

MUA: Chau Le

Styling-assistent: Baily Page Kilburn


Photography: Charlotte Kropholler

Styling and Model: Crystal Carson
Hair and MUA: Yuliya Boichenko
Styling-assistent: Baily Page Kilburn

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Images are for sale. 25% of sales will be donated to womens charity: Beauty Night Society Vancouver. 

email for price, size and more information

On November 9th 2016, “Ulterior Motif” is a unique interactive photo/video and live art exhibition where twelve women reveal their most guarded selves, a self that up until now has been buried and kept hidden in secret through the lens of six photographers and one videographer. Ulterior Motif is a photography series based around women's alter egos; and ego that has been suppressed, that is yet unknown, that we want to fulfill, a dream, or a manifestation of our concentrated self - one that we choose to not show out of fear, lack of confidence, or restrictions within our society. This fundraiser was organized by Annie Cranfield who became vividly aware of her own “alter ego” when she lived six months in Hong Kong, “the concept of my alter egos, came to me in a moment where my life had done a complete 180-degree turn. Once I had discovered and explored the extensions of myself that lived deep inside of me, I became obsessed with the idea. It wasn't til I shared my concept with the women around me that I realized that this was not just a concept, but rather a platform I could share with women to allow them to express their hidden personas."

An ego can be part of us which we have outgrown, characteristic that we admire, or would like to possess. The exploration, development, and acknowledgment of our alter egos can help drive the growth of our true self.

The vision Cranfield had for this project is to create a conversation about exploration. To create a concept that serves a higher purpose. Understanding, and create commonality within women. She says: “I believe that the exploration, development, and acknowledgment of our alter egos can help drive the growth of our true self."

What: “Ulterior Motif” photo/video exhibition fundraiser for Beauty Night Society
Location: Mile's End, 1755 West 3rd, Vancouver
Date: Wednesday, November 9th, 2016
Time: 8 pm – 11 pm
Cost: Cover by donation, all proceeds for cash bar along with door cover goes towards Beauty Night Society
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